Relief From Fibromyalgia

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) For Fibromyalgia

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A. The Personal Peace Procedure

The first is to use what EFT calls the Personal Peace Procedure. The Personal Peace Procedure basically recommends that you buy a blank personal journal and write down the key emotionally traumatic events that have happened in your life. You’ll find full instructions for this in our free tutorial on the EFT Universe website.

You may have had hundreds of events throughout your life that bothered you, upset you, or made you angry. Writing them all down in a journal and looking at them isn’t always fun. If there are hundreds of events in your childhood, healing them all might seem like an overwhelming task.

Yet if you then just tap on three of them a day, and reduce your number from a 5, 7 or 10 down to a 0, 1 or 2, you can make fast progress on erasing all that emotional trauma. Tapping on just three a day, in a year you can tap on 1,000 different events. That cleans up a huge chunk of your childhood. I recommend you purchase a personal journal and follow the Personal Peace Procedure.

B. The 9 Gamut Technique

The second thing I recommend you do is familiarize yourself with EFTs 9 Gamut technique. It’s described in The EFT Manual, which you can purchase online for around $10. There’s also a description of the 9 Gamut technique, along with a free tap-along video, on the EFT Universe website. The 9 Gamut technique is very useful as an add-on if the Basic Recipe we taught you in this program isn’t working for a particular problem, or isn’t working fast enough.

C. EFT Workshops

I also strongly recommend that you take an EFT workshop. The EFT workshops have been designed based on watching thousands of people learn EFT, seeing precisely how they assimilate the information, and then training them in expert use of EFT.

We’ve analyzed the steps by which people learn EFT and apply it most successfully; each level of the program is divided into eight learning modules. In those modules, you learn the basics of EFT step-by-step. You discover how to apply it effectively to many different situations, including pain and first aid. Certified EFT Universe instructors teach EFT workshops all over the world; you can enroll in one near you through this web link. Workshops are the way to unlock the full power of EFT.

D. Search for Stories Like Yours

EFT Universe contains some 10,000 stories in over a dozen different languages. You will likely find stories written by people who have faced the same situations you have, and have used EFT successfully. From their stories, you can glean tips, techniques and ways of using EFT that will help you on your journey. It’s absolutely free, easy to do and easily searchable.

There are three different ways you can unlock the riches of EFT Universe. The first is to use the search engine on the EFT Universe website. There’s also an Advanced Search option.

Secondly, you can find a quick-start list of the most common problems on the EFT at Work page.

Finally, on the home page of, notice the drop-down menu titled “Choose a Topic.” Here you’ll find stories grouped by subject.

Even though the web site is vast, it’s so intuitively organized that you’ll quickly find what you need. Hundreds of thousands of people visit EFT Universe each month and find solutions to their problems. You don’t need to feel alone facing your challenges, and you’ll find like-minded friends at EFT Universe.

E. Tapping Circles

We recommend you join a Tapping Circle. These are groups of people that get together to work with each other on their issues. They may be online groups, or they may meet in person. You can find tapping circles on the “Volunteering” page on the EFT Universe, or by clicking this link.

F. Discussion Groups

You can also ask questions in the EFT Universe Discussion Groups. We have discussion groups covering many different common topics, from PTSD to Addictions to Children. Go there, ask your questions and get advice from people who have travelled the same journey that lies ahead of you. Here’s the link to the Discussion Groups.

G. Certified Practitioners

I strongly recommend booking a session with our EFT Universe Certified Practitioners. These practitioners go a through rigorous training in Clinical EFT. If they’re listed on our site, we have confidence that they can help you. You can search the practitioner database by name, state and specialty to find the perfect practitioner for your needs. Many of them offer a free introductory session, so you can interview a number of practitioners to find a good fit. Here’s the Practitioner Directory.

My final word of advice is to tap Immediately. When you’re in any kind of an emotional jam or physical need, start tapping right away. Don’t worry about finding the right words to say, or even whether you’re tapping the correct points. Doing EFT is more important than doing EFT perfectly. It’s hard to mess up EFT. Start tapping. You’ll find that it has a calming, soothing effect on your body, even if you “do it wrong.”

Once you’ve calmed yourself, you can check the manual, search the site, find a practitioner, or take other steps toward solving your problem. Don’t delay tapping till you have one of those resources at your disposal. When in doubt, tap! You’ll find yourself better equipped to deal with whatever stress faces you.

I urge you to love yourself enough to learn EFT, memorize EFT and equip yourself with EFT. You’ll then find that whatever the stress, strain or emergency, you have a potent tool at your fingertips. EFT will help you deal with the problem, get through those stresses, and come out on the other side. You’ll progress much more quickly, feel much better, and attain a much higher level of health and vitality. Thank you.